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Jason Kervin


Jason has been wandering the woods and waterways for most of his life having spent his formative years in rural New Brunswick. His love of the canoe was demonstrated as early as grade one when he promptly fashioned a canoe out of the paper ruler he received during class picture day.

Growing up in the Scouting movement, Jason was a sought out educator of outdoor skills while still a teenager and became a member of the Moncton district training team in his early twenties. 

By the time Jason graduated high school he was already an experienced Basic Canoe Instructor and Red Cross First Aid & CPR Instructor.  

A paramedic by profession, Jason has two decades of experience treating sick and injured people out of hospital. This experience, when paired with his formal education gives Jason the ability to explain the subtleties of patient assessment and treatment in a way that makes sense. 

A problem solver by nature, Jason has a back pocket full of tips and tricks to help you get through any outdoor situation; or better yet, prevent you from getting into said situation.    

WaterWays Outdoors is the culmination of decades of experience in canoeing, prehospital care and education. It is the goal of WaterWays Outdoors to pass on this information to those who roam so they can be safe...out there.    


- ORCKA Basic Canoe Instructor

- ORCKA Canadian Style Paddling Instructor 2

- ORCKA Canoe Tripping 3 (Trip Leader)

- SOLO Wilderness Medicine Instructor

- Heart & Stroke CPR instructor

- STOP THE BLEED instructor

- Advanced Care Paramedic

- Bachelor of Clinical Practice (Paramedic)

- SOLO Wilderness EMT 

Teaching Certifications:

- Certificate in Adult Education

- Certificate in Curriculum Development

- Scouts Canada Trainer Development 1, 2, and 3


Greater Kingston Area, Ontario

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