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Prompted by increasing numbers of active shooter events, the American College of Surgeons, in collaboration with a number of US Federal and non-government organizations, set out to create a policy to "enhance survivability from intentional mass casualty and active shooter events". One of the outcomes of their work was the STOP THE BLEED program, which aims to give civilians the skills they need to control life threatening bleeding before first responders arrive. 

With major bleeding you may have only a few moments to be able to save a life. STOP THE BLEED gives you the skills to make use of those few moments.

Taking only 60-90 min, STOP THE BLEED is an easy way to learn practical skills such as tourniquet application and wound packing. Applicable to anyone, STOP THE BLEED is a great addition to CPR or other skills training, or it can be taken on its own to enhance existing knowledge. 

There are no prerequisites to taking the program.   

If a STOP THE BLEED course is run in conjunction with any other program, there is no additional cost.

A small fee may apply if a stand alone course is requested (somewhere in the $1-$5/person range).

All STOP THE BLEED material is covered in the WFA curriculum.

For more information on the STOP THE BLEED program go to 

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